Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Regularization of Junior Specicial Education Teachers (Mentally Challegned Field) BPS-16 w.e.f 11-07-2014 in Specical Education Dept, Punjab

Government of the Punjab Special Education Department has issued Order / Notification No. So(Estt.)9-3/2014 dated 20th October 2014 for Regularization of Junior Specicial Education Teachers (Mentally Challenged Field) BPS-16 with effect from 11-07-2014.

These are 108  JSET (Mentally Challenged Field) BPS-16 who are regularized.  The above appointments are made with certain conditions that are mentioned in the copy of the Notification. Their period of contract will not be counted for pension, gratuity or leave purposes. On their regularization these employees will continue to work at their present place of posting.  Complete order of 108 teachers is as under:-

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Grant of 20% Special Allowance to the all Federal Government Employees:: Islamabad High Court directs for notification of 20 % Special Relief Allowance raise in basic pay
23/10/2013:: IHC Hearing::
The summary of 20% Special Allowance to the all Federal Government Employees has been sent to Prime Minister Office for final approval. As per court statement of Secretary Finance Dr. Waqar Masood.

گذشتہ روز اسلام آباد ہائی کورٹ میں ۲۰ فیصد سپیشل الاؤنس برائے وفاقی ملازمین کی توہین عدالت کی درخواست پر جسٹس شوکت عزیز صدیقی نے کہاکہ وزارت خزانہ فوری طور پر یہ الاؤنس ملازمین کو دے۔ 
سیکرٹری خزانہ ڈاکٹر وقار مسعود کی اس یقین دہانی پر کہ سپیشل الاؤنس کی سمری وزیراعظم آفس منظوری کے لئے بھجوا دی گئی ہے ۔ عدالت عالیہ نے اس درخواست کو نمٹا دیا۔ اس کیس کا عدالتی حکم نامہ جلد جاری ہوجائے گا۔

Contempt of Court Notice issue to Secy. Finance Dr. Waqar Masood & others:: W. 409/2013 Aftab Hassan V/s Dr. Waqar Masood & others:
Finance Division (Regulation Wing) O.M. No. F.11(4)R-2/2013-1427 dated: 22 October, 2013
Govt of Pakistan Finance Division Regulation Wing has issued Office Memorandum (Notification)  dated 22nd October 2013 regarding the clarification about the Premature Increment on Upgradation. The queries arisen by various Departments/Divisions/Departments/Organizations etc were examined in connection with the premature increment on upgradation.

 The clarification of the same is as under:
1Whether the employees of BPS-01 to 04 who were moved one scale up wef 01-07-2007 without upgrading their posts are eligible for one prematureincrement under O.M F.No.11 (4) R-2/2011-1153 dated/2013 dated 31-05-2013.No. Finance Division’s O.M dated 31-05-2013 provides for grant of premature increment on upgradation and not on move up.
2Whether the employees who were holding Selection Grade prior to up-gradation of their posts in BPS already held by them are also eligible to the benefit of premature incrementon up-gradation of their posts.Yes. Just as in same scale promotion.
3Whether the employees who were holding Selection Grade and were drawing pay at the maximum of their pay scalesin which their posts had been upgraded are entitled to one premature increment as personal pay beyond the maximum of pay scales or otherwise.Since the annual increment beyond the scope of pay scales was first time allowed wef 01-12-2005 in BPS-2005, therefore the employees who were at the maximum of their pay scales in which their posts have been upgraded are entitled to get one premature increment as personal pay as is granted to same scale promotion wef 01-12-2005.
4Whether the employees who have been upgraded or granted one scale move up on or after 2nd June of a calendar year can opt for re-fixation of their pay on 1st December of that calendar year in the light ofFinance Division O.M No. F.3 (2) GAZ.IMP.I/75 dated 14-10-1975.Yes
5Whether premature incrementwill be granted to inspectors of FBR who were upgraded twice 1st in 2008 and 2nd in January 2013 from BPS-11 to BPS-14 and BPS-14 to BPS-16 respectively.Yes
6Whether premature incrementis admissible on upgradation of contractual staff employed on standard terms and conditions of contract or otherwise.Contract Employees who have been appointed in a BPS on standard terms and conditions of contract appointment if upgraded along with post are entitled to get one premature increment as in case of regular employees.
7a- Whether the Private Secretary/Stenographer (re-designated as APS), Steno Typist, who have been upgraded Vide O.M No. 19 (55) Legal-II/2010-1055 dated 23-12-2011, are entitled for premature increment on upgradation.a- Premature Increment is admissible in case of Steno Typists, Stenographers, only whose posts have been upgraded. The post of Private Secretary has not been upgraded rather they have been granted time scale on completion of prescribed length of service, therefore they have not been allowed premature increment.
b- If yes, what would be the criteria of admissibility of grant of premature increment and arrears on up gradation?b- Whether the stage in BPS of higher (upgraded) post next above the pay admissible in BPS of lower (pre-upgraded post), gives the increment in pay equal to or less than a full increment of higher post will be fixed after allowing a prematureincrement in BPS of higher post.